Cab Tilt Cylinders & Pumps

Cab tilt cylinder remanufacturing services & cab tilt pump remanufacturing services

New & Remanufactured replacement Cab Tilt Cylinders & Pumps are available from stock. In the event that your unit is not available Autocore can offer a same day remanufacturing service (subject to availability) or 24hr delivery on new in most cases.

All Cab Tilt Cylinders & Pumps are remanufactured in our workshops within a 24hr period where possible. All reconditioned units carry a 12 month guarantee.

Cab tilt cylinder and pump repairs are generally evidenced by external leakage at the pump, plunger or the cylinder glands. Indications of internal problems would be: slow tilting of the cab, cab unable to “hold” in a partially raised position, or inability to raise the cab. For specific conditions, possible causes and correction contact Autocore directly.

Typical Example Of Cab Tilt Hydraulic System With Hook & Rotary Style Latches Included

1. Tilt Cylinder (RH)
2. Tilt Cylinder (LH)
3. Rotary Style Latch
4. Hook Style Latch
5. Pump Control Lever
6. Pump Lever
7. Hand Pump
8. Push Port
9. Pull Port